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We gather every Sunday morning to praise God with joy and to profess our witness to the life of Jesus Christ.


Due to the exceedingly high positivity rate of Covid-19 in the New Haven area, First Pres will make adjustments in an effort to care for our community. These changes will be temporary and will be re-evaluated on January 18.

Join us for worship in the following ways:

Jan 2 – Worship on Zoom @ 10:45am; communion Sunday

Jan 9 & 16 – Hybrid Worship – Worshippers may attend in-person or online for the same service of worship. For these Sundays, worship will be held outside on the church lawn and broadcast on Zoom @ 10:45am.

Links for the worship services will be emailed out to the community on Sunday morning.

Glory to God

In-Person Outdoor Worship Service – 9:30am

Come at 9:30am for and abbreviated and animated worship outside on the church lawn.  Singing songs that make you move and praying prayers that touch your heart, people of all ages – especially children – are invited to come and hear the Word of God.

In-Person Indoor Worship Service – 10:45am

Come at 10:45am for a traditional Reformed worship service in the sanctuary. Protocols to mitigate Covid risk – especially to protect and care for the children among us – are as such:

  • Vaccination for those age-eligible will be expected.
  • Masks are required inside the building.
  • Social distancing inside will be encouraged. We ask those who attend in the sanctuary to self-distance as much as possible.
  • The Choir will not sing and there will be no congregational singing. However, we will have special music. Each Sunday, we plan to have a quartet, duet, or soloist sing – this includes hymns while the congregation is encouraged to hum.
  • We will not receive communion in the sanctuary on Nov. 7. It will be offered at the 9:30am service outside. Receiving communion inside will be re-evaluated on a month-by-month basis according to comfort levels.
  • Children will not be invited up for the Moment for Children of All Ages (no need to crowd in!). However, they will be invited into the Copeland Room for a quiet art project during the sermon should they need a break from sitting still for so long.
  • If you’re feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu, we encourage you to stay home, get good rest, and worship online via recorded video later in the week.

Children & Families Education: The Household Huddle: People of all ages are invited to meet Pastor Jinny on the playground at 10:00am for a time of prayer, story-telling, reflection and play!

Adult Education: During this time of transition with two worship services, Adult Education offerings on Sunday mornings will be on hiatus. However, we do have opportunities for Bible Study on Wednesdays and Meditation on Fridays.

Inclement Weather Plan for Outside Activities: Our rule of thumb are as such: If the weather is such that the kids would still play T-ball (in terms of rain), we’ll have worship too! However, if the weather is more severe or too cold, the 9:30am service and 10am Household Huddle will move inside. Increased social distancing will be encouraged and seating may be limited due to spacing.

Seating for Worship Outside: We will have chairs available but highly encourage you to bring your own, or even sitting on a blanket on the grass – we’ll be meeting on the lawn at the side of the church along Huntington St.

Who Can Come: EVERYONE!!  Bring a family member, bring a friend, bring a pet to the outdoor service if you need to. Just come and know that you are welcome just as you are.

Online Availability of the Service: The service will be recorded and posted to Youtube later in the week.  A link will be included in the Connecting Community email sent out on Thursdays. There will not be a livestream option.  Visit Worship At Home to view our recorded service.

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