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We gather every Sunday morning to praise God with joy and to profess our witness to the life of Jesus Christ.

The Service

Our worship follows the traditional Christian year, from Advent and Christmas, to Lent, Easter, and Pentecost and on through to All Saints.

In the Reformed tradition, the heart of the service is hearing the Word Proclaimed. We listen to readings from the Old and New Testaments and sing the Psalms. Sermons are grounded in these Bible readings and explore their application in our lives.

We sing from the Presbyterian hymnal (Glory to God) and our volunteer choir rejoices with music both traditional and more contemporary.

Early in the service we share the peace, shaking hands with our neighbors in the pews and wishing them the “Peace of Christ” or simply “Good morning”.

We receive Communion on the first Sunday of every month. In most cases, loaves of bread are passed followed by trays of grape juice. Everyone is invited to take part.

When the offering plate is passed, all are encouraged to participate in the act of stewardship. Surely, God does not need our gifts – but the act of giving enables us to recognize the gifts we have to give. All are invited to participate with gratitude and joy.


The church parking lot is small, but there is plenty of parking along Huntington Street or across Whitney in the parking lot for Worthington Hooker School.

Sunday Morning Schedule

9:30 am Adult Education or Children’s Sunday School in the Miller Gathering Hall

10:45 am Worship in the Sanctuary

People start to trickle into the Sanctuary around 10:30 am, though feel free to be early and catch the choir practicing. Or gather for conversation and coffee in the space outside the Sanctuary before the service begins.

Children in Worship

Children Under Five

Childcare is available for children under five starting at 9:30 am and on through the service.

Children up to Grade 6

During the service, after the words of welcome, children up to grade 6 are invited an age-appropriate worship service held in an adjacent room to the sanctuary.

However, we believe it is important that children worship where they feel most connected. Therefore, they are most welcome to remain in the sanctuary throughout the service.


Ushers at the doors to the sanctuary and Greeters at the Welcome Table in the rooms outside the Sanctuary will be able to help with any questions or concerns you may have on Sunday morning.

Come as You Are

Our congregation has a wide range of ages, geographical backgrounds, and sartorial choices: you will see both jeans and suits. Some bring their own Bibles; some bring their own coffee.

All are Welcome

We are a More Light Presbyterian Church steeped in the Reformed tradition. This means we welcome all people in Christ’s name: children and adults, single and married, gay and straight. And in all we do, we seek to glorify and enjoy the God who creates, sustains, saves, and renews all life.

We have a lot of members who’ve come from other church backgrounds. If you’re from a different tradition, you may notice that when we say The Lord’s Prayer, we say “debts” rather than “trespasses.”

After the Service

Services generally run about an hour, and afterwards do make your way across the breezeway to the Miller Gathering Hall for a casual coffee-and-snacks reception.

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