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Be Justice Advocate for the Clean Slate Act

A quick letter,  phone call, or email to your CT State Senator to advocate for The Clean Slate Act only takes a few minutes.  And it really will help!

Senate Bill (SB) 691, an act concerning erasure of certain misdemeanor criminal records and expedited pardons review for certain felony offenses.

Find your Connecticut Senator here. This is a CT State Senate bill and you only need to contact your state Senator. If your Senator is Marty Looney, who is also the Senate President, there is a special “ask” to bring the bill to the Senate floor for a vote this year.

With black people in the Connecticut over 9 times more likely to be incarcerated than white people, and Latinx people 4 times more likely, Clean Slate is one step forward to begin undoing the destructive impact our criminal justice system has on the lives of people of color and low-income people, even after they’ve served their time.

Serving time in prison should not result in lifetime restrictions on housing, education and employment.

The bill provides for the automatic erasure of criminal records in the case of

  • misdemeanor offenses after three years following the completion of the sentence for the person’s most recent misdemeanor offense
  • certain felony offenses after five years following the completion of the sentence for the person’s most recent felony offense.

Here’s a sample email/letter/phone talking points. Take a minute to personalize it with your personal experience or use it as it is. The most important thing is they hear from you!

Dear Senator_____________________:

As a member of the First Presbyterian Church (New Haven) community of faith, and as a citizen of Connecticut, I write or call or email to ask you to support SB 691.

This bill is about racial justice, fairness, economic growth, and efficiency.

Criminal records turn people into second-class citizens, barring them from many professions, jobs, housing programs, and more. Nearly 9 in 10 employers, 4 in 5 landlords, and 3 in 5 colleges use criminal background checks, putting employment, housing, and higher education out of reach.

About 13,400 people are incarcerated in the state of Connecticut currently.

About 5,000 leave prison each year and return to our communities to rebuild their lives.

60% of people who have been incarcerated remain unemployed one year after release.

Formerly incarcerated men can expect to work 9 fewer weeks per year & earn 40% less.

Together, this amounts to an average overall loss of $179,000 by age 50.

Thank you for your support for this bill that will remove obstacles to housing, education and employment for returning citizens and help them to restore their lives after they have served their sentence.

For Sen Looney please add: Please bring SB 691 to the Senate floor as soon as possible.


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