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In a restless world, remembering and practicing hope is essential. One way we, as Christians, do this is by rooting ourselves deep in our faith story.

Over the course of the 2022-23 program year, you are invited to join a small group and explore the stories of our faith where human frailty and failure is countered by God’s abiding grace, steadfast love, and abundant mercy.

Pastors J.C.and Jinny have composed a Bible Study curriculum specifically for our First Pres community. It is entitled Grounded in Hope: A Resilient Faith in a Restless World and it is intended to be used by small, intergenerational groups to facilitate deeper knowledge of the scriptures and deeper relationships within the community.

The curriculum materials do not include a leader guide – at least not in the traditional sense. It is crafted much like a workbook or a hand-guide. It provides information about a passage and topic, structure for the meetings, and questions to stimulate conversation and learning. It also includes worshipful materials such as litanies and music to be used during small group gatherings.

Groups are encouraged to meet frequently (every other week) and consistently. This will enable group members to deepen relationships with one another while getting into a rhythm of schedule. It also allows for less disruption to the flow of the group should an illness, covid quarantine, or external commitment arise for individual members. Groups will also be encouraged to meet at the church. Though gatherings in group members homes are always meaningful, regular meetings at the church might alleviate pressure to host and the church provides a setting that is accessible, provides tables, chairs and a fully stocked kitchen for meals, a safe play area for kids, and comfortable/living room style seating for adult conversation.

Our fall Bible Study groups are already gathering, though we will open new small groups beginning in January.  If you are interested in joining, we will soon have a google form for you to fill out to indicate interest and availability.

When we place ourselves into the broad story of God’s love, Christ’s actions, and among the movement of the Spirit in the world, we find hope enough for our time.

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