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A Clock-maker,a Candle-stick maker, or a Creating God

Bible Text: 1 John 3: 1-7; Psalm 27 ; Acts 3: 11 – 4:4 | Pastor: The Rev. J. C. Cadwallader | Series: The Living Church | Affirmation of Faith
I believe it is a matter of faith to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

I believe it is a matter of faith to recognize equally and love all members of God’s human family. There are no exceptions to God’s love.

I believe God’s creation is good, beautiful, and sacred; therefore to condemn any portion of God’s creation is to condemn a portion of God. This is sin.

I believe Jesus Christ came to us to free all people from sin and to make disciples – people willing to live Christ’s discipline of love and justice for all.

I believe the Holy Spirit is that power within us that gives courage and stamina to face the truth and to live it, even to die for it, as Jesus died.

I believe in the resurrection, the victory over death, and the truth that is life for all in Jesus’ name.

Glory is to God, the One in Three: Creator, Redeemer, and Holy Power of love. Amen.

~adapted from Ruth Duck and Maren Tirabassi

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