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First Presbyterian Church Of New Haven

Our worshiping and community life is coordinated around six seasons that run through the year.

Each Season has a theme. Worship, mission, fellowship, and learning activities in the life of the congregation all engage that theme.


As we journey through the season of Lent, time is our companion. Past, present and future come together. We mark each day of preparation while looking to the cross of Good Friday and the joy of resurrection.

Our journey to Easter is ultimately good news, but we have to wait a while. Therefore, Lent is a challenging time: it requires us to walk humbly and to reflect on our lives as individuals and as a community. So much in the world demands results now, instant solutions and resolutions. For each of us, and as a community, we balance hope for what is coming with hope in what is already here.

One of the most important ways that we invite God’s presence into our lives now, while also asking God to lead us to new places for the future, is through prayer. In prayer, we ask for our “daily bread” while calling for God’s kingdom to come. We ask for God’s kingdom, God’s priorities and God’s presence to nourish, sustain and change us now. But we also acknowledge that there is a “not yet” as we pray for God’s kingdom to come; a journey, a future that we need to step into as individuals and as a community. Today and tomorrow, this week and next – time comes together as we pray for God to be with us now and in the future.

This season of Lent, you are invited to reflect on how and why we pray, on what words we use or how we are in silence, and how God hears our hopes, intercessions and needs. The Lord’s Prayer reminds us that we are both God’s today and that God is taking us to a new place.

Let us journey this season in prayer.


The Seasonal Theme is designed by the Seasonal Team.

The Team meets a few weeks in advance of the new Season to discuss the Scripture texts for the relevant weeks and then design worship and committee activities around a theme that emerges from those discussions.

Everyone is very welcome to sign up to be a member of one of those teams – experienced church organizers and those new to church planning; long-standing members of this community and those who will only worship at First Pres for a shorter period.

Brings your ideas and skills and as much time as you can give.

And work together with old and new friends.


April 10 7:00 PM  – Good Friday Service
Tenebrae service of readings and hymns. 

April 12 10:45 AM  – The Rev J.C. Cadwallader preaching
Easter Sunday.  Matthew 28: 1-10

April 12 10:45 AM  – Worship and Service Day
Creation Care. 

April 26 10:45 AM  – The Rev J.C. Cadwallader preaching
Blessed are the poor in spirit; blessed are those who mourn.  Matthew 5: 3-4

May 3 10:45 AM  – The Rev J.C. Cadwallader preaching
Blessed are the meek; blessed are those who thirst and hunger for righteousness.  Matthew 5: 5-6

Learning Together
Living Our Faith

April 10 7:00 PM  – Good Friday Service

April 16 6:30 PM  – 3rd Thursday at the Manse

May 6 5:30 PM  – Theology on Tap

May 21 6:30 PM  – 3rd Thursday at the Manse

June 3 5:30 PM  – Theology on Tap

June 18 6:30 PM  – 3rd Thursday at the Manse

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