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First Presbyterian Church Of New Haven

Our worshiping and community life is coordinated around six seasons that run through the year.

Our current theme

Then God opened Hagar’s eyes and she saw a well of water” (Genesis 21:19). This season’s theme, which will take us through Epiphany and up to Lent, is THE LIVING WATER. In this season, we reflect on how our thirst is quenched and our bodies cleansed by the life-giving waters that flow from a single source.

Where does the seasonal theme come from?

At its regular meeting Session reflects on the texts Pastor JC has chosen to examine in worship and allows a theme for the upcoming season to emerge from its discussions. On the communal committee night that follows, worship, mission, fellowship, and learning activities in the life of the congregation are organized around that theme.

How can I get involved with the seasonal theme?

Everyone is welcome to gather for our communal committee night. Perhaps you are a longstanding committee member, perhaps you are interested in trying out a new committee, perhaps you are not sure what committees are and what they do – just turn up for the group dinner, prayer, and reflection, from 5:30 pm. and then sit with any committee to help plan the season ahead.


February 24 10:45 AM  – The Rev J.C. Cadwallader preaching
The Healing of Naman.  2 Kings 5

March 3 10:45 AM  – The Rev J.C. Cadwallader preaching
Woman at the Well.  John 4: 1-26

Learning Together

February 24 9:30 AM  – PC(USA) Advocacy and Social Justice

Living Our Faith

February 23 6:30 PM  – Cozy Potluck

March 26 5:30 PM  – Committee Night Resurrection / Pentecost

May 28 5:30 PM  – Committee Night Summer

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