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Your Input Will Make A Difference

The Session is preparing for the next chapter in the life of our church.  This is a time for a new beginning.
Rather than replicate and reform, we are allowing for our past to inform us and for God’s creative and innovative Spirit to lead us into the future.
From Friendship Hour and fellowship opportunities to worship to faith formation – we’re building from the ground up and we need your input!

We want to hear from you – click here!

Outdoor Events in the Summer

Plans are in the works to begin in-person programming and worship beginning with OUTDOOR events in the summer. Here’s the schedule we’re aiming for.
A list of small group gathering opportunities is also being developed – including tea on the front lawn, playdates on the playground, and small group gatherings for Bible Studies and antiracism discussions.
If you have other suggestions, please feel free to let us know how we can support you!

Worship in the Church

Beginning September 12, 2021, First Pres will offer two (2) indoor worship services each week.
Attendance at each service will be limited in order to start with social distancing.
One (1) of these services will be available in an online format.
The style and timing of worship is still to be decided.
Called to “provide that the Word of God may be truly preached and heard…[and] to nurture the covenant community of disciples of Christ” (G-3.0201a,c), the Session is not assuming that reinstating our practices from before the pandemic will serve our community after the pandemic.
We are preparing to nurture the souls of people who have been through an extremely difficult year and a half. For some, a traditional service will be a balm. For others, a more contemporary style might fit. For some, continuing online engagements will be best. And for others, a space to process might be welcome.

Worship in the Church

We want to hear from you what will be most fulfilling for you and your household in the future.
You have a spiritual home here – and we want to ensure you feel welcome just as you are.
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