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Sunday School

Custom Lessons

We create our curriculum in-house with the leadership of our seminary-trained Christian Education director. Our teachers lead children in science experiments, art, games, conversation, and service informed by God’s Word and the evolving concerns of Christians in the present day.

We tailor our children’s lessons to our church’s seasons, drawing from the same scriptures we explore in worship. We believe this fosters dialogue at home and helps children recognize in the liturgy some of the same concepts that they’ve just learned in class.


Classes meet from 9:30-10:30 a.m. We follow a trimester schedule with breaks for Christmas/New Year’s and Palm Sunday/Easter. We are off for the summer. Our three blocks of classes in 2018-2019 are: Sept. 16-Nov. 11, Jan. 6-April 7, and April 28-June 9.

Our breaks allow us to devote ourselves more fully to worship, rest, or celebrate God with inter-generational events and special projects, such as children’s rehearsals of upcoming plays.

Infants, Toddlers, and Adult Guardians

New in 2018: From 10-10:30 a.m., our CE director leads a short class for infants, toddlers, and their guardians focusing on prayer, music, and mindful breathing.

Bibles for Rising 10s

Each year, our congregation gifts children who will turn 10 in the upcoming year (September-August) with their own inscribed Bible. This typically takes place during a worship service in September or October. If you will be 10 this year, please let us know so we can prepare one for you!

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