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Every Sunday at 9:35am, children of God of all ages are invited to meet in the Owens Building. We will say hello, share some time together, and then break up into groups. Adult Ed is going to meet in the Owens building this year, so please come and say hello with the Household Huddle folks before you break off into your room.

In the Epiphany season, the adults will use a curriculum from The Work of The People titled “Living Fully Expressed in Love.”  Each week has a video and then some provoking questions to explore together.

For many of us, the idea of “worship” has been diluted and has become synonymous with the insincere theatrics and mimicery performed in a church building on a Sunday morning. Some of us are unsure of the meaning, purpose, and fulness of worship, and some of us need a worship reset. In this series we hope to facilitate a journey that helps us open our hearts, minds, and bodies to more intimate dialogue, within ourselves, with those God has given us, and with our Creator.

Adult Ed@First
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