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Be Justice Advocate for Trash and Trees

A quick letter,  phone call, or email to your Connecticut State legislators – the ones in Hartford – to advocate for specific legislation only takes a few minutes.  And it really will help!

Here's how:

Several members of FPCNH have been working on the issues of Plastic in the Environment and Protecting our Trees.

There are four bills before this session of the Connecticut General Assembly that need support, so

    1. Find your Connecticut Representative and Senator here. Click on their name to link to their web page. You can submit your comments on their web page by clicking “contact”. If you prefer to call, their phone number is also on their web page.
    2. Do include your residential address so your legislators know you live in their district.
    3. Here’s some background on the legislation with links for more detail.
      • The Hartford Courant just ran an excellent article on the importance of trees to urban well-being. It does add to our awareness of how important they are, and the FPC EmergeCT tutors are working with the guys shown planting trees.
      • Here’s a fun five minute video on how plastics hurt.
      • Here’s a summary of the Benefits of Trees and info about Owner’s Rights.
      • The bill links in the sample letter will take you to a wealth of information about the bills.
      • Bill summaries prepared by the CT legislature are here.
      • Mike D’Agostino and Josh Elliott, who represent many of us, sponsored or co-sponsored the tree bills. Josh co-sponsored the styrofoam bill. They need to be thanked.
    4. If you’d like to discuss this, contact Dick Hasbany, Steve Latham, Fiona Scott-Morton or Ralph Jones.
    5. Email your letters to your Connecticut Senator and Connecticut Representative.

Here’s a sample email/letter/phone talking points. Take a minute to personalize it with your personal experience or use it as it is. The most important thing is they hear from you!

Dear Representative [/] Dear Senator_____________________:

As a member of the First Presbyterian Church (New Haven) community of faith, and as a citizen of Connecticut, I write to thank you for your concern for our environment. We clearly live in a crisis time and our personal and collective actions will determine the kind of world we leave for our children and grandchildren. The Connecticut Legislature is considering a large number of proposals that protect our environment. Among them are four important bills that I urge you to support and promote among your colleagues:

HB05308 AAC VEGETATION MANAGEMENT ALONG STATE HIGHWAYS – provides additional protection for the trees along our highways

HB05312 AAC VEGETATION MANAGEMENT WITHIN UTILITY PROTECTION ZONES – provides clarity and protection for trees near utility wires

HB05384 REQUIRING THE ELIMINATION OF SINGLE-USE STYROFOAM CONTAINERS – eliminates the use of single-use styrofoam containers

HB05385 REQUIRING THE ELIMINATION OF SINGLE-USE PLASTIC STRAWS – eliminates use of single-use plastic straws

Thank you for your help with these. Protecting our environment is urgent and essential.


[City CT Zip]

There are many important bills before this session of the CT General Assembly. You can find some additional environment bills here.

Additional letters, emails, or phone calls are in order!


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