Words from the Pastor


Like many of you, I enjoy the change of seasons in our part of the world. But I find I yearn for the coming of spring more than any other season. My eyes are tired of the brown color palette of winter and long for green. New Haven had just begun greening when I traveled to Eastern Tennessee. As my flight came in for a landing, I found myself entranced by the green forests below me. Trees are in full leaf and the grass was green in Tennessee. It was balm for my spirit! As the wind ruffled the leaves, I thought perhaps I heard the Spirit of God whispering life and hope.

After reveling in the new-found green for a while I found myself fearing that I was going to miss the process of spring in New Haven. Somehow, I thought all the leaves on the trees would come out in the week I was gone.

While I loved the green, I discovered I also love the process of greening. It is joy to watch one flower after another appear, to see trees bud and come to full leaf, to watch hillsides go from brown to so many different shades of green.

Often we are so set on the results that we miss the joy and hope and energy of the process.

The process can be quite beautiful. Make time to pay attention to the beauty – and to your own process!

–Pastor Susan