Welcome to our New Pastor!

In July, we as a congregation, voted to welcome Rev. J.C. Cadwallader and her wife Heather to our FPCNH Church Family. This is an amazing and exciting time in our church.

We have felt God guiding us and we believe J.C.:

  • will grow with us as a congregation, infusing us with hope while asking hard questions about our road ahead
  • will be a leader, a listener, a good communicator, and someone to love and shepherd us as a congregation
  • will be a compassionate, welcoming and exceptional preacher and teacher
  • will reach across generations and make connections
  • will provide nourishment for our souls both young and young at heart
  • will share her passion for social justice and hope for a transformational future built on the bedrock of our unique community here in New Haven and in the greater world


Rev. J.C. Cadwallader will be beginning her ministry with us on September 3rd as we share our final Sunday in the Miller Gathering Hall at 9:30.

On September 10th we will resume our regular Sunday morning service in the sanctuary at 10:45 a.m..

This year our CE Rally Day Picnic will also be a wonderful opportunity to formally welcome JC and Heather.

Come share in the joy as we grow together a a church family!

Learn more about  JC  and Heather