We wait … in hope

The Sundays in Advent will be filled with story and song, with the choir singing the carols of the season as the Advent candles are lit and God’s Word is proclaimed.

We will join with faithful Christians around the world to ponder the story of Jesus’ birth and then act in faith to embody Jesus’ words and actions. Together we will work so that the lowly are lifted up, the mighty are brought down, the hungry are fed, and the imprisoned are set free; those who mourn shall dance, and the meek will inherit the earth, that all may know God’s jubilee!

Join us on Sundays in Advent to hear this story that has sustained the generations of the faithful for over 2,000 years.

Join us as we welcome the Light of the World into our hearts again.

Join us as we discover anew the power of God, for whom nothing is impossible … even peace, even love. Welcome the Christ child into your hearts and lives.

Christmas Eve services will be held on Wednesday, December 24th. The Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols begins at 7:30 p.m. in the beautiful sanctuary, lit in starlight. Co-Pastor Maria LaSala will proclaim God’s glad tidings that “to us, a Son is given.” The Choir will sing, and all will delight in Christmas carols and in hearing again the words of prophets and Gospel writers telling the wondrous story of Christ’s birth.

A second service will take place at 11:00 p.m. for those who wish to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Join us in the to hear good news of great joy and to be refreshed in body and in spirit.

May God’s blessings be known during this joyous season. Rejoice! For God comes, powerful to save.

The season of Advent has begun and with it the hoped for promises of God’s doing a new thing in our time. What better news do we need than the promises of God coming into our world as a child, reminding us to care for the most vulnerable around us?

That is our call this Advent: to see each child as the Christ Child, to care for each family as if they were the Holy Family, to proclaim good news just like the shepherds, in spite of the newspaper headlines which would have us sit in fear.

The biblical story of this holy season invites us to “be not afraid,” for God is doing wondrous things.