Upcycling: Donate Used Jeans, Flannel, & Fleece

Did you know? The fast fashion industry has overwhelmed some thrift stores with more clothing than they can reasonably sell, so donations don’t always get the second or third life we intend for them before heading to a landfill.*

As part of our ongoing studies of stewardship of the earth and ethical labor, we’re exploring practical ways to Reduce and Reuse materials. During the season of Lent, our Youth Group will collect denim, flannel, and fleece that might not otherwise be re-sellable. We hope to upcycle them into some crafty projects – like DIY bean bag chairs or floor cushions for the Children in Worship program and other fun and practical ideas.

Why denim, flannel, and fleece? These are heavier materials that will suit our current plans (our DIY bean bags need to be strong!) and will less likely be in demand for the upcoming season. Plus, we hope that specifying our request will keep this round of donations to a level that our group can realistically commit to sorting and repurposing. If we ever decide to work with other materials, we will put out a new call.

Please do NOT buy new items to contribute to this drive. We only wish to receive items that are currently sitting in Mending Purgatory or in a similar circumstance at this time.

You’ll find our box marked for donations in the Copeland Room from Sunday, February 18th to Sunday, March 18th.

*For further research, check your local library for the book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion (Elizabeth Cline) or see the documentary The True Cost (dir. Andrew Morgan) currently available on Netflix.