Rally Day

Rally Day is September 13th

Join us at 9:30 a.m. in the Owens Community Building for an inter-generational celebration kicking off our 2015-2016 year of Christian Education!

Gather with Elizabeth Gill, John Dinkler, and Sue Balakrishnan, who will serve as educators and co-learners in scripture and church history while our guest specialists help us all apply what we learn to collaborative projects, service partnerships, and creative arts workshops. (We are still seeking guest specialists to lead us at some point in hands-on gardening, theatre, and visual arts. If this might be you, please let us know.)

Our multi-age approach this year aims to honor friendships we’ve seen forming across standard grade levels, to foster a growth mindset in all learners regardless of prior ability or experience, and to nurture the various passions and learning styles of participants of every age. Throughout the year, Senior Youth (ages 13-18) are invited to participate in either the Children & Youth program or the Adult Education program.

We have incredible adult education opportunities that will equip you and challenge you in new ways for a mature faith life and the world beyond FPC. Whether or not you have already made your confirmation, you are of age to be considered an adult in much of the life of the church.

Those who wish to continue on with the Children & Youth will likewise be considered not only co-learners but potential co-leaders, with opportunities to lead and guide according to skill and interest. If you are age 13+ and interested in making your confirmation in the near future, please speak