Presbytery of Southern New England Meeting

The Presbytery of Southern New England will meet on Saturday, February 8th at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Hartford.

On the docket for the meeting will be a conversation and then a vote on two overtures regarding marriage equality, and an additional overture about sustainable development.

The Session of First Presbyterian Church voted to send these overtures to the Presbytery for their consideration. One overture, calling for an “Authoritative Interpretation” seeks to permit pastors of churches in states where marriage equality is legal to have permission to officiate at same gender weddings.

The second overture addresses the need to change the current wording in our constitution, the Book of Order, which currently defines marriage only as between one man and one woman. The overture affirmed by our Session asks that the language be changed from one man and one woman to a couple.

These overtures have also been sent by First Church in Stamford, Wilton Presbyterian Church, Granby Presbyterian Church and New Canaan Presbyterian Church. Finally, our Session sent an overture inviting the denomination to affirm the moral and ethical importance of sustainable development and calling for a study group to prepare a paper for use by congregations throughout the denomination, enabling congregations to advocate for reform. Elders Betty Whitney, Jim Whitney and Mary Webber will serve as our commissioners to the meeting. Please keep the Presbytery in your prayers.