Peace and Justice Action Group


The First Presbyterian Peace and Justice Action Group was formed in April 2011 to build on the fellowship and energy developed during the 2011 Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, Convocation of Peacemakers at the Stony Point Center. The group meets regularly for fellowship, sharing interests and planning activities.

First Presbyterian has an active peace and justice ministry. The mission of the Peace and Justice Group is to encourage and support these activities and also raise awareness of issues of importance to members of the group. We work as part of the Mission Committee to create education programs and provide additional opportunities for the congregation work for peace and justice locally and around the world.

We have been meeting weekly on Thursdays at 6 pm (most weeks) for a potluck dinner and discussion. We invite you to join current group members Ned and Wanda Castner, Jane Hindenlang, Teddy and Alan Hogle, Art and Mary Hunt, Ralph Jones and Bonnie Sherman.

As a group, we collectively declare that as we believe, so we shall do.

We believe that First Presbyterian Church of New Haven is called to share the gospel and to apply it to all of life. Applying the gospel to social conditions calls for mission and social action, activities that support and reinforce one another. Mission involves efforts to heal the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional hurts of people.

Mission is corrective; for example, feeding the hungry. Social action involves efforts to change the circumstances that cause the hurts. Social action is proactive and preventive; for example, working to  eliminate the cause of the hunger.

We believe Christ calls us to efforts to bring about a social order characterized by love and justice. Jesus said quite clearly that we should not just say we follow Jesus, but act in the ways of his justice and mercy.

We believe in the broad variety of methods in applying the gospel to all of life. Some are designed to strengthen the basic institutions of the social order; such as family life, business and government. Others are designed to address wrongs in society; such as injustice, corruption, and greed. We may advocate, support and engage in boycotts and public demonstrations, lobbying government officials, and efforts to encourage voting all in an effort to deal constructively with problems that plague society and to bring about social change.

We believe in seeking guidance and empowerment from the Holy Spirit concerning what social problems to tackle and what methods to use.

Please contact any member of the Peace and Justice Action Group if you would like more information. Please contact Art Hunt at if you would like to be on our mailing list.