Presbytery of Southern New England Meeting

The Presbytery of Southern New England will meet on Saturday, February 8th at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Hartford.

On the docket for the meeting will be a conversation and then a vote on two overtures regarding marriage equality, and an additional overture about sustainable development.

The Session of First Presbyterian Church voted to send these overtures to the Presbytery for their consideration. One overture, calling for an “Authoritative Interpretation” seeks to permit pastors of churches in states where marriage equality is legal to have permission to officiate at same gender weddings.

The second overture addresses the need to change the current wording in our constitution, the Book of Order, which currently defines marriage only as between one man and one woman.… Continue

Presbytery of Southern New England – February 9

The Presbytery of Southern New England returns to New Haven for its February meeting. The meeting will take place at Yale Divinity School on Saturday, February 9th, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The Presbytery continues to explore possibilities for new church development and will be working closely with Jud Hendrix from the Ecclesia Project in the months to come.

Elders Gary Cline, Teddy Hogle, and Mary Webber will serve as Commissioners to this meeting.


Innovative, emerging, creative church with the Rev. Jud Hendrix Friday Nov 16 6:00pm

Interested in innovative, emerging, creative ways of being church? The Rev. Jud Hendrix, co creator and director of the The Ecclesia Project (, will be a guest of the Presbytery or Southern New England on Nov. 16-18. On Friday evening, Nov. 16, Jud will meet with those interested in energizing and incubating new ideas from 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the Miller Gathering Hall.

This Mid-Kentucky Presbytery initiative works to: – Build a culture of innovation and creativity – Identify and support innovative leaders and groups who have “nerve” – Energize and incubate new ideas and experiments – Start and cultivate new expression of Christian communities.… Continue

Presbyterian Promise Luncheon – Sept 22

Join us for lunch with MLP Executive Director, Patrick Evans, September 22.  You are invited to join friends from First Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Promise, and others from around the Presbytery of Southern New England for a lunch with Patrick Evans, the new Interim Director of More Light Presbyterians (MLP).

MLP has been one of the major forces calling our denomination to welcome its LGBT members fully into the life of the church and to honor their calls to leadership.

First Presbyterian Church is a More Light Church. Patrick will be meeting with the board of Presbyterian Promise prior to the lunch.… Continue