Music at FPCNH in October

The sanctuary will ring with music this October. Our auspicious beginning will be Christopher McCloskey’s ordination service on Saturday, October 1. The choir will sing Mendelssohn’s “How Lovely Are the Messengers that Preach Us the Gospel of Peace,” and we’ll sing joyous hymns appropriate to the occasion. Our organist/director (Pat McCreless has another obligation that day) will be Henry Parkes, a superb British musicologist and keyboardist who teaches music history, especially that of the medieval period, at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Department of Music. (He was the pianist for the London Symphony before coming to Yale two years ago!).

The following day is World Communion Sunday, which we all–congregation, choir, organ/piano–will celebrate with music from around the world. A setting in Spanish and English of the text “I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me” (the opening lines of Psalm 122) will be the anthem, and the hymns and responses will be international as well. There’s more in the remaining Sundays of the month. On October 9 the choir will offer a snappy anthem, “All My Days,” by Mark Miller (whose lovely setting of the Lord’s Prayer we’ve all sung a number of times), with a solo by Beth Aura Miller. As the month unfolds, you’ll also hear a setting of verses from Psalm 89 (“I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever”) and the “Agnus Dei” from Karl Jenkins’ Mass for Peace.

And if you’d like to sing Advent and Christmas music this year, but don’t have time to sing in the choir yearround, you should know that you’re welcome to join us when we begin rehearsing this seasonal music in mid-October.

Pat McCreless