Volunteer for Emerge

October 12th, 2013 — 6:50pm

The Mission Committee invites participation in the Emerge CT tutoring program in New Haven.

The Emerge Program helps ex-offenders develop the job and literacy skills, and the motivation to re-enter society as productive citizens.

Every Thursday and Friday, volunteer tutors from First Presbyterian work one-on-one with men and women in the Emerge program on mathematics and literary skills.

To join, contact Gary Cline at gary.cline@yale.edu.

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Mission Committee Report

June 1st, 2013 — 5:22am

Mission Committee Report Earlier this year, the Mission Committee sought input from the Congregation for your ideas on how we should approach our mission work. Specifically, could we build upon the commitment and involvement that is so evident each winter in our mission work with Abraham’s Tent?

The response was overwhelmingly positive for expanding our work in the New Haven area with a focus on promoting peace in our community, and to expand upon of our hunger relief efforts while recognizing our role as stewards of God’s creation. Since that meeting in February, the Mission Committee has been working to find the best ways to implement your ideas.

The result is a multifaceted initiative that we hope reflects the commitment of our church to mission.

Your Place Youth Center is a ministry of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church with the mission to prevent youth violence by providing a safe, socially and academically enriching atmosphere for the youth of Newhallville and greater New Haven. The Kid’s Summer Program serves youth from ages of 5 to 12 and meets in July and August. The Teen Program meets in the Fall, Spring, and Summer and serves teens ages 13-17. We recently met with Rev. Tracy Johnson Russell of St. Andrew’s to explore the possibility of more hands-on involvement with the summer program. She expressed her appreciation to our past and on-going financial support, and was very happy to hear of our interest in expanding our involvement, from being a mentor to being a chaperon on summer field trips. If you are so moved, the staff and kids at Your Place Youth Center would welcome your help.

Emerge, CT is a re-entry, transitional work program for ex-offenders with low educational levels and limited work experience. Emerge, CT ‘s goal is to help these men and women re-enter the world by helping to refocus their lives in positive ways. Many of the participants are reading at the 6th or 7th grade level which impedes their ability to escape the cycle of poverty. After completing the literacy component of this program, they are boosted to the 10th grade level, which helps them access training and support programs that require higher levels of proficiency. Drawing on Henry Dynia’s insight and experience, we can best support of the folks in Emerge, CT by helping with its literacy program.

Massaro Farms, CSA: The third component of our expanding mission work addresses the difficulty faced by many inner city residents of putting healthy and fresh food on the table. In response to this problem, Caty Poole proposed a creative solution by tapping into the benefits of Community Supported Agriculture. On your behalf, we are now shareholders of Massaro Farms, CSA of Woodbridge, CT. Our weekly share will be donated to families that are helped by Christian Community Action (CCA), Inc. The result will be a steady, reliable supply of fresh vegetables and fruit for these families. Help is also needed with the weekly pickup of the food on Tuesday and delivery to CCA. If you have a green thumb, or an interest is having that thumb turn green, you are welcome to pitch in on our behalf at the farm.

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Feed the World: An Offering of Letters

May 4th, 2013 — 1:58pm

While you are enjoying the good food and good company at the Cinco de Mayo Potluck, make some time to stop by the Bread for the World “Offering of Letters” table.

It’s time to remind our representatives in Congress that we want all people, young and old, to have access to healthy and nutritious foods. Congress is responsible for passing legislation that could make food programs stronger, and make fresh fruits and vegetables easier to  obtain.

Nancy Rupp and Gary Cline will be waiting with pens, paper, addresses, and a sample letter.

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