Rev. Gerson Annunciacao – September 1, 2015

  1. The number of immigrants in prison continues very unstable. In Boston ICE is holding two units, in Bristol only one, and Plymouth two. In Plymouth beside the Bible Studies among ICE units there is also the Bible Study among Spanish speaking prisoners on trial. The average attendance in August was bigger than July, (60 – 65).
  2. I have talked with some people about to begin a Bible Study group in Fall River. About 12 told me they are interested to be part of this group, including three former inmates and their spouses. One former inmate will come from Worcester, MA. Firstly I thought to start on Summer but soon I realized it was not a good time to start anything.

Rev. Gerson Annunciaçao – Big Tent 2015

To The Church Development Committee

Presbytery of Southern New England

Att.: Rev. Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro

         Re.: Big Tent Gerson’s Report



Firstly I want to thank the Church Development Committee for the scholarship that allowed my wife and I to attend the Big Tent 2015 which happened from July 30th to August 2nd in Knoxville, TN. This was the fourth time I attended a Big Tent, what means I did attend all the editions of the Big Tent since it was created. For me, the Big Tent is an opportunity for learning about the several programs our denomination is holding and, also, an opportunity to interact with Presbyterians from several parts of the USA.… Continue

Presbyterian Promise – LBGT Educational and Advocacy Group

plogo2clPresbyterian Promise is an educational and advocacy group which seeks to broaden the welcome of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people in the life of the church.

Presbyterian Promise consists of member congregations from the Presbytery of Southern New England and is part of the larger church’s movement toward inclusivity of GLCT people.

Presbyterian Promise is part of “That All May Freely Serve,” which is made up of Presbyterian congregations across the country working together to transform the church’s understandings of homosexuality.

First Presbyterian Church of New Haven joins six congregations in the Presbytery of Southern New England in this effort.… Continue