Bread Lobby Day and your letters….

So you went to Washington for Bread for the World’s Lobby Day. (Three from First Pres, one from Bridgeport and one from Cameroon did go.) Does this matter? In a word, “Yes!” There is a continuing, often vicious battle going on in our government over how our nation provides justice to people. You knew that already. That matters greatly. But along with that, and less well known, is that important bi-partisan work is being accomplished. You can make a difference and help move things along.

Representative Rosa DeLauro
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Philippe Ambata, Ralph Jones, Vanessa Clayton, Cynthia Woodside, Rosa DeLauro, Brian Gray, Nancy Rupp in Representative DeLauro’s office

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Bread for the World’s Offering of Letters

Each year, thousands of churches from many different faith traditions take part in Bread for the World’s Offering of Letters. We will join the collective voice on Sunday, June 19th, Father’s Day, following the morning worship service in the Miller Gathering Hall.

Let us work together to urge Congress to support measures that help mothers and children get the nutrition they need for healthy and active lives. This year’s letters will ask Congress to support at least $230 million for international maternal and child nutrition programs in the Department of State foreign operations appropriations bill’s global health account.

Letter writing materials and addresses of our legislators will be available at the tables set up for letter writing.… Continue

Refugees in New Haven

On November 29, Ashley Makar, Community Liaison of IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services) spoke to a large FPCNH group right after coffee hour. There is clearly a great deal of interest in the current refugee crisis, much need, and much to be done. While Syrians are the most in the news, many are fleeing other intolerable situations. Among the needs:

  • Letters to our elected representatives in support of increasing the number of refugees the U.S. government will admit to this country.
  • Volunteers to help at IRIS.
  • Donations – both financial and of materials to help set up apartments.
  • Cultural Companions, who help refugees adapt to life in America, learn English, navigate public transportation, explore New Haven, and make friends.