Let’s Speak Up!

Every day we open our newspaper or internet news feed and find something appalling: the people in charge of this
country are busy attacking the free press and members of the judiciary; they seem not to care about facts; they are
taking steps to make the air and water dirtier, healthcare harder to find and more expensive. And they seem to
have emboldened those among their supporters who would judge others by their races and creeds.
Many of us are enraged or depressed. But it is time to be productive; to channel those emotions into action! As
concerned compassionate Christians we now see that whatever social justice actions we were taking before are not
enough today: we have to step it up.… Continue

Abraham’s Tent 2017

January 16th-22nd, the men of Abraham’s Tent again will follow a star to First Presbyterian Church. The twelve men from the Columbus House Shelter program will make their way to the Owens Community Building for a week starting Monday, January 16th Sunday school classrooms will become bedrooms. The Miller Hall will be transformed into a dining hall and commons space. A group of First Church volunteers will welcome our guests each night at 6, enjoy a home cooked meal together, play some games or just sit and talk before lights out so that all can get a good night’s sleep. Morning comes early with a home cooked breakfast before the men leave for the day.… Continue

Prison and Children

prisonandchildrenOne route to our house in France passes by the detention center for our region. John and I are always struck by the playground equipment and the picnic tables that sit outside the prison. Clearly, family visits to inmates are expected and even normal.

In Conneciticut, however, family visits to loved ones in prison are rare, in part because of lack of transport.

The not-for-profit agency Families in Crisis sponsors a van, recently the victim of state budget cuts, to take families for such visits, and the Mission Committee has gladly contributed to keeping this service alive.


2016 Advent Devotions: Not the Usual Shepherds and Magi

adventdevotionsThe Presbyterian Mission Agency is offering a booklet of Advent devotions, “Proclaiming the Good News of God’s Peace,” centered on the subjects of mass incarceration and immigrant detention. Both are currently hot political topics—and they are likely to be of concern for many years to come.

As a church and a nation we must work toward a course of action leading to equitable treatment for all, even in a world that seems Let us remember the injunction to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.

Copies of the Advent devotions will be available by November 27, Advent I.… Continue


Save The date; Monday January 16- Monday January 23, 2017. First Presbyterian will be hosting Abraham’s tent in our Owens Building. 12 area homeless men/women will be our guests each night. We will provide a warm evening meal, a comfortable bed overnight and a nutritious breakfast in the morning.

First and Summerfield Methodist Church in New Haven will be helping us a couple of the nights. Signup sheets will go up Sunday December 11th. As in the past, we will need dinner preparers, hosts, overnight volunteers and breakfast preparers.

Serving on the Abraham’s Tent organizing committee this year are Mary Webber, Pat Wales, Paula Burkhard and Brian Gray.… Continue