Fossil Fuels and Climate Change

At its upcoming meeting on February 6th our Presbytery of Southern New England will be considering an overture from our Session concerning the role fossil fuels play in climate change. “Overture” is PresbySpeak for “request for action.” Actually, our Session is asking our Presbytery to ask (overture) our General Assembly (which meets in Portland OR on June 18-25) to actually do the “something.” By the way, at least eight other presbyteries have also overtured the General Assembly on this, making the point that we care.

In this case, the request is to cease investing in fossil fuel companies — both coal and oil and gas.… Continue

Fossil Free PC USA Overture

Back in the summer, the Rev. Rob Mark contacted several people in this presbytery about supporting a
measure asking the upcoming General Assembly to divest from fossil fuel companies. After due
consideration, the Mission Committee voted to forward the measure (technically called an “overture”)
to Session for approval. In December, Session voted to forward the overture to Presbytery for its
February meeting.

The overture begins by expressing:

“. . . profound concern about the destructive effects of climate change on all God’s creation, including a disproportionate impact on those living in poverty and in the least developed countries; the elderly and children; and those least responsible for the emissions of greenhouse gases.