June 28, 2015 – On the Run

The Mission Committee has purchased 20 copies of On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City  by Alice Goffman for church members to read this summer.  We will host a book discussion of Goffman’s compassionate chronicle of families caught inside a justice systemin the fall as part of our series of events on the topic of  mass incarceration.

Alice Goffman is a sociologist who had an ethnography assignment for an undergraduate class a UPenn.  She did not take it lightly.  She started hanging out with an older African-American food service worker at the university and soon moved into an apartment in a poor, largely black neighborhood in Philadelphia. … Continue

December 14, 2014 – Emerge

Minute for Emerge – 14 December 2014 – Ralph Jones

What’s ¾ ÷ ¾ ? Who remembers how? Let’s see some hands…

OK — for me, that was a long time ago and far, far away! So fractions were one of the first things I learned — relearned, actually — at the Emerge program. Not the most important, though.

First, a word about the guys. (And while we’ve been there, all but one have been guys.) Most are in their twenties, though recently I’ve been working with a man in his fifties and at least a couple are still in their teens.… Continue

November 2 , 2014 – Sustainable Development and the Precautionary Principle.

Business profits are often the results of taking risks. When the risk results in people getting sick or the environment being damaged, often taxpayers are asked to pay the costs. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has a long history of proactively seeking environmental justice. The 202nd General Assembly (1990) passed the policy statement on “Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice” and the 208th General Assembly (1996) passed the “Hope for a Global Future: Toward Just and Sustainable Development”.

Care for our earth and of its people and animals – environmental justice – is part of our Affirmation of Faith. Our faith calls us to be stewards of God’s creation, and confesses we have not always lived up to our obligation:

In sovereign love God created the world good and makes everyone equal in God’s image, male and female, of every race and people to live as one community.… Continue