General Assembly 222 — Portland OR — June 18–25 — 2016

Minute for Mission

Were I to describe all the important work before the General Assembly which begins June 18th in Portland most of us would not regret having a late lunch.

But I’m not going to do that! Here’s my arbitrary selection of highlights.

This year, for the first time,  the Assembly will be electing co-moderators. In the past, they’ve elected a moderator and then nominates a vice-moderator.

They also will be electing a new Stated Clerk. That’s the highest continuing office in the denomination. J. Herbert Nelson, who has been doing powerful justice work as the head of our Washington Office of Public Witness, is the official nominee, but the Assembly will have a choice to make.… Continue

EMERGE – September 20, 2015

Good Morning, I’m here to share with you information about Emerge a group that makes my heart sing. Other members of our congregation who also volunteer are Art & Mary Hunt, Betty Whitney, Pat Wales, Bonnie Sherman, and Ralph Jones. We have been involved for about 2 years. For those who are not aware of Emerge or our involvement with them let me catch you up. EMERGE is a Social Enterprise – in today’s language that means a mission driven non-profit business focused on training, hiring and assisting in a broad range of ways, men and women who are willing and able to work but have a difficult time getting work.… Continue

September 27, 2015 – Alonzo Johnson

It takes some courage these days to even hope for peace. Peace is very hard to find, have you noticed? and trying to make peace seems like is a lonely and quixotic enterprise at best. Peacemakers seem to have taken a timid pill and gone into hiding.

That’s how things seem, Of course, but I’m not sure that that’s how things really are. There are lots of good people working for peace.

We may not be as aware as we should that our denomination, the PC(USA) works actively to nurture peace, and to nurture us in churches and presbyteries to develop the mindset and skills of peacemakers.… Continue

September 13, 2015 – The Green Wheelbarrow

FPNH has been a partner in faith with Christian Community Action (CCA), the organization that benefits from all the food we collect each month, for many years. In addition to collecting food for their pantry, we allocate money from our mission budget, and several members help to fill Thanksgiving food baskets each year. For the past two years we’ve contributed a weekly Community Supported Agriculture farm share from Massaro Farms.

CCA has been in existence for more than 40 years and continues to be a force for community building and social change. Its mission is “to provide help, housing and hope to those who are poor in New Haven.” CCA encourages efforts to attain self-sufficiency and is a vocal advocate locally and at the state and national levels for policy changes regarding welfare, incarceration and housing to name a few.… Continue

August 30, 2015 – South Sudan

Mike McBride gave the Minute for Mission on South Sudan.  Here are informative links on the work our mission co-workers are doing to bring peace to the area.