Ecumenical Advocacy Days 29 Jan 2017 Ralph Jones

Last Sunday Pastor Susan asked how many of us participated in the Women’s Marches. An impressive number of hands went up. Did we achieve justice for all, yet?

This morning, Good Morning America interviewed at Yale PhD. Student researching in Afghanistan and unable to come home. It occurs to me to ask how many of us have students or colleagues affected by the Executive Order? I see three or four.

We have more to do!

I can’t tell that the Publican in chief has even acknowledged the concerns of the people. (Think about it. The head of the Republican Party owns hotels and bars and is now chief tax collector.)

So, what can we do now?… Continue

Educate a Child – Minute for Mission October 23, 2016

First, a prayer concern: I’m here this morning because Mike McBride called just after 8 this morning. He is with Flo at the ER. They’re there first seeking a diagnosis. May God’s healing be with them now as always!

Here’s my edit of Mike’s draft.

Back in 2014, our General Assembly adopted the “Educate a Child, Transform the World” initiative with the goals to

  • recommit to education as the core focus of mission
  • launch a church-wide initiative to inspire, equip and connect us to improve the quality of education for one million children
  • with a particular emphasis on children in poverty or otherwise at risk.

Peacemaking – Minute for Mission September 25, 2016

Next Sunday we will have the annual special collection for Peacemaking and Global Witness, a collection that is taken up, so suitably, on World Communion Sunday, as we think of our bonds in faith and our responsibilities across the worldwide community.

The collection is for Peacemaking and Global Witness. And peace is an integral part of our worship every week. Every Sunday we share the peace, turning to each other and speaking of peace to our neighbors, to members and visitors alike, wishing that they may experience peace, that they will live in peace. And at the end of the worship we may leave the sanctuary with the words of the benediction and charge in our ears, ‘Go in Peace!’ Peace becomes the message of what we will have heard and done that morning.… Continue

Columbus House – Minute for Mission September 11, 2016

So what’s on the menu? How about…Meatball & Eggplant Grinders

No, this is not today’s menu for the Rally Day picnic shortly. In fact, I believe we are getting a whiff [or we will be shortly] of the charcoal grills warming up to serve hamburgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs.

Here’s another menu…BBQ Chicken and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Now that sounds like a delicious meal. And this is an actual menu for a dinner served by volunteers from this congregation to serve 80 … at Columbus House. Personally, I love the ice cream sandwiches – that’s inspired.

How about another…Hot dogs

Now that’s a simpler menu.… Continue

Gun Violence and Racism – Minute for Mission July 24, 2016

Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garnerl, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile

Just a few of the names we carry on our hearts. Others we know by places.

Baton Rouge, Dallas, Pulse, Charleston, Newtown, Aurora

We are scarcely aware of many more. Over 30,000 people die of gun violence every year; twelve of them last year here in New Haven alone.

Mary Townsend, age 48, Sanjay Patel, 39, Jericho Scott, 16, Lyndell Moore, 29, Jerome Myers, 48, Francesca Ratchford, 25, Lawrence Allen Atkins, 35, Antoine Heath, 29, Maurice Richardson, 19, Davante Baker, 21, Jonathan Aranda, 19

Reality can be immensely discouraging.… Continue