Presbyterian Office of Public Witness – Minute for Mission – July 16, 2017

Your Mission Committee has planed a monthly series about the programs and offices of our denomination’s Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry. Today, Art and Mary Hunt are in bed with colds, and have asked me to speak about one of them – the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness – sometimes referred to as our Washington Office. This office played a big role in the recent Ecumenical Advocacy Days, which Art, Mary and I attended.

The Presbyterian Office of Public Witness is the public policy information and advocacy office of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Its task is to advocate, and help the church to advocate, the social witness perspectives and policies of the Presbyterian General Assembly.… Continue

Helping IRIS through Refugee Involvement in “Music Together” – Minute for Mission June 18, 2017

The church took the sanctuary pledge and that means thinking about the needs of refugees and immigrants and helping them. IRIS is the refugee agency in New Haven and the church has begun a partnership with them. Although IRIS has many programs, they have families and individuals who need extra help in assimilating.

The Project began as an attempt to help one or more refugee children have a positive and enriching experience through music. Music would help them gain some western cultural knowledge and would integrate them into a primarily American group for interaction. The benefits seemed as if they would work both ways – American mothers and children would have the chance to interact with refugee mothers and children.… Continue

PCUSA Peace and Justice Ministry – Minute for Mission June 11, 2017

Presbyterians believe deeply in mission.  Mission.  Spreading God’s love and working for God’s justice.  From Palestine to Standing Rock; from Colombia to Detroit, Presbyterians are on the front lines working for justice. Hunger; gun violence; education, race, class and privilege; gender; LGBTQ; militarization of law enforcement; undocumented immigrants are among the significant justice issues being worked on.

The PCUSA Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry programs and offices include:

In addition, the

  • Presbyterian Peace Fellowship
  • Israel / Palestine Mission Network

Speak to the Church on issues of nonviolent resistance, peace making and justice.… Continue

Educate a Child – Minute for Mission May 14, 2017

My mother was the youngest of seven children: 6 girls and 1 boy. She grew up working on my grandparents’ farm in Pennsylvania in a conservative Anabaptist community. Most of my aunts wore plain clothes and small caps called coverings until the sixties. I imagine that some of the neighbors considered my grandparents unlucky to have mostly girls to work the farm but apparently my grandfather had a different future in mind for them. As my mother tells it, he was adamant that all of his daughters would get an education, even though many people in their community thought this was wasteful at the time and he himself had stopped going to school after 8th grade.… Continue

How are the Children? – Minute for Mission May 7,2017

I bring you greetings, and challenges, from Ecumenical Advocacy Days. Rev. Traci Blackmon, of the UCC, passionately reminded us, of the traditional Masai greeting – not “How are You?” but “How are the children? The question comes out of the belief that the viability of any people is rooted in how well the children are doing.

So I bring you greetings. And I ask you, How are the children when there are 64 thousand black women and girls missing in America?

How are the children of Syria facing chemical warfare and barrel bombs?

How are the children famished in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen?… Continue