Poor Peoples’ Campaign – Minute for Mission – January 28, 2018

Ralph Jones and Dick Hasbany


A week or so ago, Ralph Jones and I joined other elders and clergy from the three presbyteries in New England for a winter retreat.  It was led by the Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, New Testament professor and head of the Kairos Center at Union Theological Seminary.  She co-chairs the Poor People’s Campaign with Rev. William Barber, the dynamic North Carolina pastor who built a broadly diverse movement of people called Moral Mondays.

Drs. Theoharis’ and Barber’s work to build a new Poor People’s Campaign revives an effort of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the fall of 1967, Dr.Continue

Gun Violence Prevention – Minute for Mission – October 22, 2017


I was asked to give this Moment for Mission on gun violence as we continue to reel from the news of the Las Vegas shooting. At least 58 people died. This is also a date when we are moving toward the fifth anniversary of the killing of 20 children and 6 adults at Newtown. But this date is hardly so special. We could mark Orlando, San Bernadino, Charleston, and Aurora and still keep going. As a Scot, on all these occasions my thoughts always go to the 16 children and their teacher killed at Dunblane, Norwegians will surely think of the 69 young people killed on the island of Utoya and the French the 90 people killed at the Bataclan nightclub in Paris.… Continue

Immigration Bail Fund – Comic Relief – Minute for Mission – October 8, 2017

Comic Relief – Immigration Bail Fund

What a week we’ve just been through! For that matter, what a month! What a year! Fires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Mass murder, health care debates. The list seems endless. We are being worn down. Here’s what Shannon Vance-Ocampo, our new Presbytery Exec, wrote:

This week I must say I am emotionally and spiritually exhausted, given the state of things in our country and our world. The levels of violence, mockery, lack of relationship and suffering are overwhelming for so many of us. As a pastor I know it is a daunting task to bring Good News.… Continue

PCUSA Ant-Racism Policy – Minute for Mission – August 13, 2017

The 222nd General Assembly(2016) approved the revised Church-wide Antiracism Policy – Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community as recommended by the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board.
The Rev. Shannon Craigo-Snell  serves on the church-wide Antiracism Policy Team.  I quote from Shannon:  “This is not a time for timidity. The current struggles over racial justice in the United States mark a kairos moment. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has long held strong convictions regarding the sinfulness of racism and the need to struggle against it. Speaking our own convictions now, with clarity and power, could make a tangible difference in the current struggle.… Continue