Let’s Speak Up!

Every day we open our newspaper or internet news feed and find something appalling: the people in charge of this
country are busy attacking the free press and members of the judiciary; they seem not to care about facts; they are
taking steps to make the air and water dirtier, healthcare harder to find and more expensive. And they seem to
have emboldened those among their supporters who would judge others by their races and creeds.
Many of us are enraged or depressed. But it is time to be productive; to channel those emotions into action! As
concerned compassionate Christians we now see that whatever social justice actions we were taking before are not
enough today: we have to step it up. And stepping it up in a group is both more fun, and much more effective.

Here are three plans for you to consider from the Mission Committee of First Presbyterian.

Facebook Alerts from PCUSA Office of Public Witness

First, we want to make it easier for all of us to communicate quickly with our elected representatives. The church’s
Facebook page will be updated regularly with the feed from the Presbyterian’s Church’s “office of public witness”
in Washington DC. These alerts will tell us when we should call or email Senators and members of Congress.
Note that the First Pres Facebook page is public, which means you do not need a Facebook account to see it. You
can send the address below to your friends and relations who can all check it regularly and call! We will start
including the url in the bulletin and other handy places. https://www.facebook.com/FPCNH/
Your representatives may agree with you, in which case they need to hear that standing up for what is right is
what you want. If they disagree with you, they need to hear that they will lose your support. The Facebook page
will provide phone numbers.

March 4 – Postcards to President Trump

Second, after church on March 5 we will have postcards available for people to write their opinions of President
Trump’s behavior and policies. We will mail these together on March 15, a date on which many other groups will
be sending Trump postcards. Tell your friends! That day we will also have available a little card on which
everyone in the congregation can record the phone numbers of his or her Senators and congressperson to keep by
the phone, or use to enter into your contacts. We will have internet access at coffee hour so that we can help
everyone in the congregation look up the correct information. Each person will be encouraged to fill one out for a
committed friend in another location so that you can let them know of these social needs and encourage them to be
active also.

March 26 – Concrete Actions to Resist Political Trends contrary to our Christian Mission

Third, on March 26 we will gather after church to discuss what concrete actions people would like to take to resist
political trends that run contrary to our Christian mission. The Mission Committee would like to know how to
enable groups in the congregation to work on issues of concern to them. Everyone is welcome; please bring your
children as we care about what they – and their parents – would like to do. A light lunch will be provided and the
meeting will be relatively short.

Fiona Scott Morton, chair, Mission Committee