Lenten Canned Food Drive

We’re building a wall! And when it comes down, it will provide warmth and care to vulnerable people. Will you help us?

From March 12th to April 2nd, bring your canned food donations to the church for a special effort – a literal and symbolic wall of hospitality to strangers and resistance to xenophobic policies. We will build in the sanctuary where everyone can see our progress.

On the final Sunday of our drive, all are welcome to join us after worship. The children of our church will lead us in a liturgy to dismantle the wall and send the cans on their way to nourish people through Christian Community Action.

Let us pray with our hands and feet that the question, “How high, how wide, how deep will we build?” may go on to mean, “How many will we feed?”

Requested Food Donation Items for Christian Community Action’s Food Pantry:

In recent conversation with CCA staff, we learn that these are the items most in demand at their food pantry: Top priority: white (not brown) rice (VERY popular and goes fast!), macaroni & cheese, cereal (Cheerios is a favorite), peanut butter and jams/jellies. Secondary: pasta (not whole wheat), tomato sauces, canned/dry beans, canned fruit (fresh fruit on last Sunday of the month), ground/instant coffee, sugar, oils for cooking. Note that they do NOT need canned vegetables; they have a good supply and there is little demand for them.