Interested in Joining a Book Group?

Join us for our first book group meeting on January 23!

Each month a passionate reader and church leader will join the group in discussion of a book that has been in some way deeply important, personally transformative, or just too much fun.

Every month, then, we will look at a book that is beloved and significant to someone we especially care about in our community. If you have questions or would just like to hear more about the group, see Dick Hasbany.

Steve Jungkeit has chosen our first book, Deep River, by Shusaku Endo, and here is his description:
In his final novel, Endo, a Japanese Catholic, constructs a narrative around several individuals, all of whom are coping with major life events: the death of a spouse, a long illness, a sense of meaninglessness, guilt concerning war time atrocities, a failed seminary education.  All of the characters converge on the city of Varanesi, a Hindu holy site, and discover there the hint of a suffering presence that binds their sorrows together, leading them toward an unexpected sense of the divine.  Endo’s prose is easily accessible, and his characters quickly become lodged in the reader’s imagination, even as he articulates a sacred vision of the world that we need to grapple with.