125 Years Celebrating Our Witness

Rooted in the past with a vision for our future:
Growing in Faith,
Singing in Hope,
Acting in Love.

We are celebrating 125 years of our faith community on February 20, 2011.

Leading up to February, the Session and the Celebration Committee are coordinating various events and opportunities to learn about out Presbyterian traditions, the history of our faith community and who we are as a people of God.

This is an intergenerational celebration! You will have opportunities to learn our history, listen to fabulous speakers, and enjoy music of the ages.

Our first event will be our FPC Time Capsule.  Each of you is invited to provide one item that will let the future Firsties know who we were or what we have done that has been important to you. In addition everyone will be given an envelope addressed to “Future First Presbyterian Church Members” and you are encouraged to describe why you think FPC is important to the present and future of our church and our community. We hope to have the Time Capsule Event very soon so please decide on your “treasure to bury” and you’ll receive your envelope at church after Labor Day. The artifact should be no larger than 8″ x 10″ x 2″. Let’s fill our time capsule with our memories and surprises for future generations.

Alan Hogle is developing an extensive biography of FPC’s history. The booklet will be titled” A Changing Church in a Changing World”. Copies will be available for a nominal fee in early December. The booklet will include a look at all of the pastors of FPC – Called and Installed Pastors, Interim Pastor and Stated Supply Pastor.

He has had email conversations with each of the Student Interns who served FPC since 1980 and will include their insights in the Appendix of the booklet. Alan is our Celebration History Coordinator and is assisting the Celebration Coordinators in preparing the various events to coincide with our history.

We encourage everyone to take part in the celebration. The following Celebration Coordinators have been enlisted and the description of the committee work is noted.

History Celebration Committee

Celebration Coordinators – Rev. Alan and Elder Teddy Hogle
  • Develop the comprehensive FPC History Book to be available for purchase by FPC members and friends
  • Develop the FPC History Booklet
  • Develop an area in the Church Library for historical memorabilia

Media Celebration Committee

Celebration Coordinator – Elder Seth Craigo-Snell
  • Enlist videographer to video the events of the celebration
  • Coordinate pictures from the congregation to create a “picture of our history” on a DVD with music
  • Scanner – someone to scan all the pictures submitted from members
  • Enlist someone to create the “picture of our history” DVD
  • Coordinate the “Picture of the Congregation”
  • Coordinate a “Picture Book” of all the present members of FPC – family/member snapshots

Fall Events Celebration Committee

Celebration Coordinator – Elder Paul Turner
  • Coordinate at least 2 events to lead up to FPC History Month in January
  • Music concert – 125 years of church music
  • Presbyterian History – sessions/series sharing our heritage and how it relates to New Haven

Worship Celebration Committee

Celebration Coordinator– Elder Justin Ray
  • Develop the “Minute of Reflection” series – members sharing 3-5 minutes of history during service. This will be done periodically through the fall and during FPC History Month
  • Assist pastors in developing the worship services to focus on our history
  • Assist in the development of the Celebration Worship on 2/20/11

Luncheon Celebration Committee

Celebration Coordinator – Elder Mary Webber
  • Coordinate the celebration luncheon
  • Coordinate the activities/ceremony for the luncheon

FPC History Month Celebration Committee

Celebration Coordinator – Elder Rona Gordon
  • Assist in the events of history month – working with the other coordinators
  • Develop a plan to support the FPC History Month from 1/1/11-2/20/11
Written Communication Coordinator – Elders Jim and Betty Whitney
  • Articles for bulletin, Inkling, newspapers
  • Letters to pastors and interns inviting letters of where they are, congrats and reflection.
  • Letters requesting greetings from the President, the Governor, the Mayor, Senators and Representatives
  • Letters to Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly – recognizing the Anniversary

Beth Aura Miller is the Chair of the FPC 125th Celebration and she is willing to answer any questions you may have about how you can participate and be a part of the FUN!

She can be emailed at dbmiller@optonline.net.