Play & Pray

A monthly small group for and by families with young children! No curriculum – just an on-going opportunity to share informal friendship and intentional community.

As of summer 2017, participating children include newborn infants through age 10.* Gatherings over the past year have included in-home meals, baseball games, visits to the park, and child-friendly service projects. The church building is also available for the group’s use.

Each month’s hosting family chooses their location and activity. Meeting dates are determined among the group via Doodle poll (online) and then announced each month in the Inkling and bulletin.

For more information about future Play & Pray events or to gain access to the scheduling polls, please email

*Children over 10 are old enough to participate in our Youth Group activities. Their parents and guardians may choose to get involved as chaperones, hosts, or co-leaders, or to use Youth Group as an opportunity to foster more independence and peer support. Children in these in-between ages are more than welcome to participate in both groups for a couple of years before transitioning fully, and of course may continue attending Play & Pray with their younger siblings. We make every effort to allow people of all ages to set their own pace for growth and change and to strengthen those community bonds they wish to strengthen.