Children’s Education

Sunday School

13241331_802864586057_4290686093617182328_nInformation for this coming year’s Sunday school will be shared later this summer. In 2016-2017, our Sunday school year consisted of three blocks, during which time we met in age-level classes. Each year we are off from Christian Education over the summer and for two or three Sundays at Christmas and New Year’s to observe Sabbath and devote ourselves more fully to worship. During other weeks between blocks, we celebrate God with inter-generational events and special projects.

We do not adhere quite as strictly to age groups and grade levels as a school system might. We trust children and their families to help us gauge the child’s readiness to move on from one stage to the next — not by aptitude but by their own comfort with a given group’s space, pace, content, and leadership. Many children naturally sense the fluidity of finding their place(s) in this community, and we want to assure our visitors and new members that this is something our Christian Education leaders intentionally support.

Bibles for Rising 10s

Each year, our congregation gifts children who will turn 10 in the upcoming year (September-August) with their own inscribed Bible. This typically takes place during a worship service in September or October. If you will be 10 this year, please let us know so we can prepare one for you!

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