CLOC Corner

Some of the most visible activities organized by CLOC are our monthly potluck lunches. These meals provide an opportunity for us to gather as a community after worship, share a delicious meal and get to know each other a little better.

Starting this fall we will be organizing the volunteers who run the potlucks differently. We are looking for “Potluck Captains” to take charge of a single event. The Captain will help round up volunteers to set up table & chairs (usually the day before), receive dishes before worship and lead the cleanup charge afterwards. Your time and efforts will be much appreciated by CLOC & by the congregation.

For more information about becoming a Potluck Captain, please contact Scott Funston (

Additionally, CLOC will be hosting a brainstorming / planning meeting during Friendship Hour on Sunday, May 3rd. We want to hear your ideas for CLOC activities & ministries for the 2015/2016 program year. Please put your thinking caps on and plan to join us.

Sincerely – Scott Funston