Children and Youth Events:

Mark Your Calendars A few dates to save for Children and Youth:

December: There will be no Christian Education on Sunday, December 28th. Classes will resume on Sunday, January 4th.

January: The Senior Youth Group will serve dinner for Abraham’s Tent on Friday, January 16th. Please email Youth Advisors Tyler Wadzinski ( and Erin Schutte ( if you plan to participate.


Education is what you’ve learnt when you’ve forgotten everything.

A note from Kimberley Fais,Director of Christian Education for Children and Youth

Dr. Simon Yarrow is an anesthetist in England. He taught me neuroscience during my junior year abroad. I don’t remember very much about neuroscience, but I do remember him telling me: “Education is what you’ve learnt when you’ve forgotten everything.” Somehow that’s fitting. Of course science is a good and worthwhile endeavor, the door to a world of awe and exploration . . . but he was right. This single sentence is probably the most important lesson he taught me. And even though I didn’t become a neuroscientist, his teaching inspires me every day, even in ministry at First Presbyterian Church.… Continue