The discussion of our two summer reading recommendations will take place during four consecutive adult education classes beginning on September 25.  Please plan to attend these informative and thought provoking discussions even if you have not had a chance to read the books.  Copies of the two books - Writing My Wrongs, by Shaka Senghor and Faithful Resistance: Gospel Visions For The Church In A Time Of Empire by Rick Ufford Chase are available on the Welcome Table.

Sept 25 & Oct 2:  We will discuss the lessons in Faithful Resistance.  The author, Rick Ufford Chase, will lead the Sept 25th discussion.

Oct 9 & Oct 16:  We will discuss the lessions in Writing My Wrongs.  Dan Jusino, Executive Director of EMERGE CT, will participate on these dates.

Adult Education – February 2016

Art and Mary Hunt will lead a three-part discussion of peacemaking and being a peacemaker during the adult education hour on the consecutive Sundays of February 7, 14 and 21.  What is peacemaking? How do you get started? Why do we need it?  What part might you play?  What are your questions and concerns?

The three sessions will cover Peacemaking, Injustice and Potential Responses with an emphasis on your questions and concerns.

Art and Mary hope you find the sessions engaging, challenging, and informative. The second session will include their personal observations from their trip to Palestine with the Tree of Life in March 2015.… Continue

January 2016 Adult Education Program

The 2016 Adult Education schedule for Sundays at 9:30 a.m. kicks off with a four classes led by Bruce Gordon on the theme of Spiritual Autobiography.

Each Sunday will focus on an autobiography, as listed below:

Jan 10: John Bunyan, Grace Abounding

Jan 17: The Story of the Lord’s Dealing with Mrs Amanda Smith

Jan 24: Simone Weil, Waiting for God

Jan 31: C. S. Lewis, Surprised By Joy