About Us

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Our Mission

First Presbyterian Church New Haven is a worshiping community of Christian believers dedicated to following Jesus Christ in a just and compassionate ministry. We warmly welcome the full diversity of God’s family in all our races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, nationalities or ethnicities, economic situations, and abilities.

Our theological perspectives fall broadly within the Reformed tradition on Biblical integrity and social justice. We affirm the authority of the Word of God in Scripture and seek to be faithful witnesses in our daily lives. We gather on Sunday mornings for the worship of God, studying and learning, and the enjoyment of fellowship. Throughout the week we strive to engage vigorously in the work of God in the world. We are committed to mission and outreach through a broad range of activities in the New Haven community.

In the Word of God read and proclaimed, in music that stirs the soul, in the nurture of children and adults alike, we seek to serve God together.