PCUSA Compassion Peace and Justice (CPJ) Training Day and Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) Conference

Ralph Jones, Mary Hunt and Art Hunt attended the CPJ and EAD conferences in Washington, DC from April 21-April 24.

The CPJ training and the EAD conference combined inspirational speakers with practical training on a variety of organizing and social justices issues. This year’s theme was “Confronting Chaos, Forging Community: Challenging Racism, Materialism and Militarism.” The conference was also a remembrance that 50 years after his speech on Vietnam at Riverside Church, Dr. Marin Luther King’s dream of eliminating militarism, racism and materialism – “the giant triplets of chaos” – remains our dream, our aspiration and our motivation.

CPJ – Doctrine of Discovery

CPJ is the Friday morning “prequel” to EAD.… Continue

Walk Against Hunger – 2017

Thanks to our team of 18 WALKERS for the 40th Connecticut Food Bank Walk Against Hunger on Sunday, April 23rd. Thank you to everyone who so generously supported our walkers! Our FPCNH raised at least $1,315. We enjoyed an easy walk together at Lighthouse Point Park. A special addition to our team was the Reverend Bonita Grubbs who earlier Sunday was our guest preacher and who leads Christian Community Action, the recipient of our “wheel barrow” donations.

Team members included Lynn Autry, Jin Chen, Zigang Chen, Bruce Gordon, Rona Johnston Gordon, Brian Gray, Dick Hasbany, Jane Hindenlang, Mark Lanz, Riley Lanz, Craig Machado, George Rupp, Nancy Rupp, Erin Schutte, Tyler Wadzinski, Betty Whitney, Jim Whitney… and Erin and Tyler’s adorable dog.… Continue

Session Commits to Support The New Sanctuary Movement

The New Sanctuary Movement (also know as the New Sanctuary Coalition) was founded in 2007. From their website:

“The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC is an interfaith network of congregations, organizations, and individuals, standing publicly in solidarity with families and communities resisting detention and deportation in order to stay together. We recognize that unjust global and systemic economic relationships and racism form the basis of the injustices that affect immigrants. We seek reform of United States immigration laws to promote fairness, social and economic justice.”

The New Sanctuary Movement includes an Accompaniment Program, Immigration Rights Legal Clinics, Information for Sanctuary Communities and Jericho Walks around Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) offices and courthouses.… Continue

Preaching Texts for May 2017

MAY 7 – The Rev Tom Hastings, Director OMSC, preaching. One of his texts is John 10:1-10

MAY 14 – Pastor Susan preaching on I Peter 2:2-10. Other readings include Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16 and Acts 7:55-60

MAY 21 – The preaching text is: Galatians 1:13-17; 2:11-21

MAY 28 – The preaching text is: Galatians 3:1-9, 23-29