Karla Koll October 2015 Newsletter

Rev. Dr. Karla Ann Koll
Serving in San Jose, Costa Rica
Latin American Biblical University
Presbyterian Church (USA) Mission Co-worker

Dear companions in mission,

October is upon us. We here at the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) are looking toward the end of our academic year, but there is still lots to do. The on-line bachelors’ programs are just about ready to present to the government for approval. We are advancing on the plans for three on-line masters’ degrees. We are excited about the possibilities the future offers for reaching more students throughout Latin America, though we still don’t know from where all of the resources will come to make it happen.… Continue

Mass Incarceration

David Brook’s writing The Prison Problem in the September 29th Opinion section of the New York Times states: “But today’s incarceration levels do little to deter crime while they do much to rip up families, increase racial disparities and destroy lives.”

He then goes on to write that the reasons for mass incarceration are more nuanced that previously reported.  It is not the ‘war on drugs’ and it is not ‘minimum mandatory sentences’.  Reporting on work by John Pfaff of Fordham Law School, Brooks concludes that “District attorneys and their assistants have gotten a lot more aggressive in bringing felony charges.… Continue

September 27, 2015 – Alonzo Johnson

It takes some courage these days to even hope for peace. Peace is very hard to find, have you noticed? and trying to make peace seems like is a lonely and quixotic enterprise at best. Peacemakers seem to have taken a timid pill and gone into hiding.

That’s how things seem, Of course, but I’m not sure that that’s how things really are. There are lots of good people working for peace.

We may not be as aware as we should that our denomination, the PC(USA) works actively to nurture peace, and to nurture us in churches and presbyteries to develop the mindset and skills of peacemakers.… Continue