CLOC Corner

The first thought for some of you may be “What the heck is CLOC?” CLOC is short for Community Life and Outreach Committee. A mouthful – now you know why we use an acronym. Great, but what does CLOC do? Glad you asked.

CLOC is a committee of Session (governing board of the congregation) that is charged with 3 main responsibilities:

Congregation Life – Organizing monthly, quarterly & annual social activities to bring us together as a community

Evangelism and Congregation Connections – Providing a welcoming and inviting community to encourage, promote and make connections in the life of our congregation

Caring Ministry – Provide responsive ministry to meet the needs expressed by the members of the church community

If you have questions or would like to be involved, contact Scott Funston.… Continue

Mothers for Justice Featured in Unbound Christian social justice website

 Unbound featured New Haven’s own Mothers for Justice in an article this month. Born out of Christian Community Action, Mothers for Justice is a grassroots advocacy group that organizes, trains, and mobilizes women living in poverty to be civically engaged, to speak out on social justice issues in order to bring about positive change and transformation in their community.


How We As A Faith Community Might Respond To The Crisis Of Mass Incarceration

On February 22, Rev. Marilyn Kendrix moderated a panel discussion at First Presbyterian Church on How We As A Faith Community Might Respond To The Crisis Of Mass Incarceration. The Rev. Kendrix is an expert on mass incarceration, a contributor along with our own Jen Herbst, to the book, The Justice Imperative and the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation at the Church of the Redeemer.