Stony Point Center

Stony Point Center is the conference center of the Synod of the Northeast.
In March Wanda and Ned Castner attended a program about Gaza at Stony Point Center. Afterwards they led an Adult Education session to inform us about the situation in Gaza.
In April a group of seven church members attended a Peacemaking convocation at Stony Point Center. We have heard some and will hear more about Peacemaking. Participants included Dick Hasbany, Teddy and Alan Hogle, Mary and Art Hunt, Ralph Jones, and Bonnie Sherman.
In April Rich Ufford-Chase, the co-director of Stony Point Center spoke to church members over supper.… Continue

Special Offerings and Funds Received

Christmas Joy Offering
   (reported in January 2011):
Response to earthquake and tsunami in Japan  
   (for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance):
One Great Hour of Sharing Offering : $3,361.00

Thanks for your generosity in supporting these special offerings!

Our congregation seems known in our Presbytery (the Presbytery of Southern New England) for our support of mission activities.

Accordingly, we have been invited to host a special evening to welcome the “new” head of world mission for the Presbyterian Church USA to our presbytery, Mr. Hunter Farrell.

He will be at our church on Friday, September 9th at 7 p.m. Save the date.… Continue

Pentecost Special Offering – June 12

In the season of Pentecost, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit as a force of regeneration and renewal, in our own lives and among God’s people around the world. We are particularly reminded that the youth of society everywhere, to whom we would look for the promise of spiritual transformation and growth, are also those most vulnerable to the crippling handicaps of poverty, discrimination, violence, and the distractions of a spiritually empty culture. Our Pentecost offering will be collected on Pentecost Sunday, June 12. Checks may be put in the special envelopes, or simply designated “Pentecost” on the memo line. Please be generous in support of this valuable work of our church.

Abraham’s Tent Update

We hosted for dinner, overnight, and breakfast the following morning ten homeless men during the week from January 17-23. An evaluation session for all participating congregations occurred on May 12th. Eight of the ten men now have housing (!).

Columbus House presented our church with the “Most Comfortable Award”—as voted by the ten guests: “there were cushy couches and a private TV room. The guys said it was like living in a ski lodge for a week”. You can view the certificate on the oak table in the room outside the sanctuary.

At the May 17th meeting of the church Session, we voted to host Abraham’s Tent for the same week this coming year—January 16-22, 2012.… Continue