Matheny/Nebelsick June 2010 news

June 2, 2010

Dear Friends,

Our time here in the U.S. is drawing to a close.  It is with tinges of sadness and with the joy of anticipation that we return to the Philippines next month.  This year has been a wonderful year at the Overseas Ministries Study Center full of the joys of family.  It has been a time of renewal when we have rededicated ourselves to the mission of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.  We have loved talking to churches and meeting so many dedicated Christians around the country.  We thank you all for the wonderful gift of time that you have given us.… Continue

Matheny/Nebelsick April 2010 news

April 1, 2010

Dear Friends,

It is gray here in New Haven on these final days of Lent.  The clouds are close on the horizon and the weather is blustery and cold.  There are fits of sunshine, but mostly the wind cuts through you like a knife.  It almost makes us forget that on the other side of the world the sun is blazing down on graduation day at Union Theological Seminary.  Graduation day for our other students at Philippine Christian University is not far away.

Behind each of the graduates there is a story that stretches back for generations.  It goes beyond the gates of the seminary, beyond the roads and bridges, up the mountains and beyond time. … Continue

Matheny/Nebelsick January 2010 news

January 6, 2010

Dear Friends,

Today is the celebration of the Coming of the Magi.  It is the last day of the Christmas season and the beginning of the season of Epiphany.  We have taken down our Christmas trees and put away our ornaments.  The Christmas pudding has been eaten and the smells of Christmas are fading from our houses.  I know it is time to look forward yet I can’t help but to look back at the preceding weeks with longing and nostalgia.

This year we spent a Christmas season surrounded by the sounds and sights of a traditional American Christmas.  … Continue

Matheny/Nebelsick October 2009 news

October 31, 2009

Dear Friends,

The last time we wrote, Paul, Rachie and I were in the Philippines where the sun stood high in Manila sky and it seemed as if the days would never end.  Since then, Paul, Rachel Marie and I have returned to the U.S. for our year of interpretation assignment. We are now living for a year at the Overseas Ministries Studies Center in New Haven CT.  We look forward to this year as a time to get to know all of you better, to communicate with you more effectively and to spend time together as a family.… Continue

Karla Koll – June 2010 Prayer Letter

Greetings from Guatemala as folks here begin to recover from the passage of Tropical Storm Agatha. I had hoped to get this letter off yesterday, but I have yet to talk to Judith Castañeda, the General Coordinator of CEDEPCA. The most of the CEDEPCA staff in Guatemala City were able to gather in the office yesterday. Many of the people who work at CEDEPCA have been helping in shelters in their neighborhoods. I hope there will be some official communication from CEDEPCA for all of you soon. Here's the news I do have. [...]